A group of amazing people has been in northern Argentina in the province of JUJUY the last weekend. During 3 days these colleagues visited three small towns and attended a total number of 950 patients.

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The group is under the leading advice and field work of the Cardiology specialists: Dr. Paul Flores, Dr. Guillermo Schmitt, Dr. Miguel Amor and Dr. Daniel O. Hernandez, Head of department in Internal Medicine in the Nordeast National University's Medical School.

This initiative is reconized by the Argentinian Federation of Cardiology.

The work i is focused not only in assistance to the people and medical studies but also on talks to the community for prevention.

It's not possible for many people in these rural areas to displace by themselves to the hospital. The Chagas Initiative in the Americas tries to acquire means and logistics to reach this people and to bring healthcare for fighting a disease that have a big burden in the quality of life. It shortens life expectancy and limits the capacity to work and the productivity of whole communities which already are in low socioeconomic status conditions.

Thanks a lot for the support to all the donors and collaborators to this initiative. Our accomplishment could not be possible without your help.